Estimation of Essential Objects in the Sports Ticker for Segmenting a Broadcasted Baseball Video into all the Plate Appearances

K. Abe, K. Miyashita, H. Murakami, T. Hayashi (Japan), and H. Tian (PRC)


Video processing, video contents analysis, video segmentation, content-based video retrieval, sports ticker


Sports tickers in broadcasted sports videos could be useful as a query in analyzing the video contents. However, since sports tickers are displayed with various colors and brightness, it is difficult to recognize inner objects of the sports tickers according to only the brightness distribution. Besides, in order to recognize what the objects represent, it is indispensable to investigate change of these objects according to time progress. In this paper, the proposed method can recognize locations of the out ticker, score tickers, and runner marks in the sports ticker of broadcasted baseball videos analyzing histograms obtained from grayscale and RGB color values in frames, and change of the sports ticker with the correlation coefficient. Experimental results with four broadcasted baseball videos have shown that the proposed method can exactly work in the case when the out ticker is represented by a number.

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