Improved Super-Resolution Method by Dense Motion Estimation using Overlapped Block Matching

Y. Takehisa and K. Tanaka (Japan)


super-resolution, dense motion estimation (DME), hierar chical block matching (HBM), overlapped block matching (OBM), motion vector


In this work, we propose a method to improve the perfor mance of super-resolution for video sequence by dense mo tion estimation (DME) using overlapped block matching (OBM). We √ěrst examine DME using hierarchical block matching (HBM) in super-resolution, and verify that the effectiveness of DME using HBM strongly depends on the quality of observed images. To solve this problem, we propose a method that realizes DME virtually in super resolution using OBM. While this method does not im prove the accuracy of motion estimation, it apparently in creases the number of reference frames by allocating mul tiple motion vectors to a small region, which remarkably improves the performance of super-resolution. Through computer simulation, we verify that the proposed method consistently achieves robust performance irrelevant to the image quality of observed images.

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