A Wireless MIMO CPM System with Incoherent Demodulation

O. Weikert and U. Zlzer (Germany)


MIMO systems, Continuous phase modulation.


A multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless trans mission system with continuous phase modulation (CPM) is considered. A novel MIMO CPM receiver with inco herent modulation is presented. The incoherent demodu lation of CPM allows an uncomplicated handling of a fre quency offset compared to coherent approaches requiring exact knowledge of the carrier frequency. Blind signal sep aration (BSS) is applied in the proposed MIMO CPM re ceiver to separate the signals without any knowledge of the MIMO channel. The BSS permits the demodulation of each separated signal by an incoherent CPM demodulator. For bandwidth ef cienttransmission partial response CPM and non-binary modulation is applied. The applicability of the proposed system is verified by simulation results.

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