3C2B Difference Expansion Based Reversible Data Embedding and Its Application in Error Resilient JPEG

D.-F. Shen and K.-L. Hsu (Taiwan)


Reversible, data embedding, error resilient, difference expansion, JPEG, transformed domain, 3C2B.


The reversible data embedding (RDE) technique is used at the encoder for embedding guest information bits into the host image; at the decoder the guest information bits are extracted for error recovery of the damaged image without degrading the host image. In this paper, we propose a novel RDE technique called 3C2B scheme in the transformed domain using the difference expansion concept, which improves the embedding efficiency to 133% compared to the original 2C1B scheme. We then apply the proposed RDE technique to error resilient transmission of JPEG images, as an example, to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed RDE in the rate-distortion sense.

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