MVC Extension: Evaluation According to Rating Criteria and Possible Integration

J. Dargham (Lebanon)


MVC, Design Patterns and Separation of Concerns


Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a design pattern whose main aim is to isolate the user interface and its changes from the business logic and application data. Due to some limitations encountered by MVC, several extensions have been proposed. Because there is no perfect design due to the innumerous trade-offs between software qualities and the nature of the software itself, this paper proposes a list of items for ranking software qualities based on some analysis of statistics and existing examples in the literature. This paper also addresses several extensions of MVC that are evaluated based on the criteria that we set. Our goal is to find an extension to MVC that satisfies the criteria and offers a high-quality software design, so we propose an integration of a few of the presented extensions to obtain a possible new extension to MVC.

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