An Efficient Scheme for Data Aggregation with Star-Graph Hierarchical Clustering Structure in Wireless Sensor Networks

T.-S. Su and W.-S. Hsieh (Taiwan)


wireless sensor networks, pre-deployment, aggregation


Collecting state-based data from a network of sensors in large-scale deployment wireless sensor networks environment and aggregating those data through prominent sensors necessitate efficient organization of the network topology for the purpose of balancing the load, lessening the energy consumption, and prolonging the system lifetime. In this paper, two types of nodes have been adopted: cluster head nodes (type1) and general sensor nodes (type 2). Type1 nodes possess more battery energy and software and hardware facilities, therefore are suitable for serving as cluster heads. The authors propose a scheme to place type 1 nodes, which can play a role of aggregating, on some positions so as to consume minimal energy of type 1 and type 2 nodes. Through the process of self-organization and the method of specific naming in the pre-deployment phase, cluster head hierarchy can be constructed by those deployed type 1 nodes. Our simulation shows that our protocol can improve system lifetime compared with two level clustering or multi-level hierarchical clustering mechanism.

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