Improving QoS in Unicast and Multicast IP-based Networks through Capacity Planning

M. Hoang (Germany)


Capacity planning, QoS, IP-based networks, traffic models, service models, IP multicast.


Network capacity planning deals with determining cost effective resources needed to carry current volumes of traffic entering the network. Determining where and when to add the bandwidth or expand the router capacity are the most fundamental capacity planning decisions. This article presents a new network planning approach used not only for saving the network cost but also for improving the QoS of multimedia applications in IP-based networks. The novel of this approach is that it concerns not only unicast traffic but also multicast one while planning the network capacity. Moreover, the QoS improvement is based on integration of traffic modeling, service modeling, and service differentiation for elastic and real-time traffic within the capacity planning process. The approach is implemented in Java and can be used for planning, analyzing and for extending the IP-based networks in order to provide QoS for multimedia applications. Experiments of using the approach with different topologies and several traffic models were carried out with insightful results.

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