WSNView System for Wireless Sensor Network Management

J.-L. Chen, H.-F. Lu, and M.-Y. Lee (Taiwan)


Wireless Sensor Network Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Configuration Management, Tinyos


Many wireless sensor networks applications have been investigated such as in scientific, medical, commercial, and military domains, to perform sensing and monitoring in physical world. Large-scale wireless sensor networks are composed of hundreds or thousands of autonomous sensor nodes. Effectively managing sensor networks is a major challenge. An SNMP-like sensor network management system, WSNView system, is developed to provide a convenient and effective means of monitoring and managing sensor network operations. The WSNView system can automatically search for any sensor node and demonstrate its connection relations among other sensor nodes. This system can also monitor, collect and analyze networks. Network operation can be modified based on the measured and analysis data. The network can automatically display information about and the reasons for abnormal phenomenon. The management of configuration, performance and faults in a network is performed according to the collected information. Experimental results show that the designed WSNView system is effective in wireless sensor networks.

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