Estimating Geographical Position of Nodes in the Internet

H. Mousavi, M. Semnani, M.E. Rafiei, and A. Movaghar (Iran)


Internet, Internet Topology, Geographical Position Estimation.


By the advances in location-aware applications over the Internet, the need for information such as the geographical position of routers and hosts and also the Euclidian distance of nodes is more important than ever. These kinds of information can also provide a valuable insight for network administrators, analysts, and many others. In this paper, we propose an algorithm, called GPE, to estimate the geographical position of nodes across the Internet. In the proposed approach, Internet topology is modeled by a weighted graph. Each node of the graph may have a corresponding estimation of its position. Weight of each edge, in this graph, indicates the estimated length of corresponding link in Internet topology. GPE gets this modeling graph, and tries to improve the estimations gradually. This is carefully done by estimating the position of each node based on its neighbors’ positions iteratively. The results show that GPE can improve the initial estimation at least 52% on average.

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