Determining the Best Harvesting Practices for the South African Sugar Supply Chain, using Simulation

B.C. McDonald and E. Dube (South Africa)


Simulation, modelling, statistical software, harvesting, sugarcane.


The Harvesting of the South African Sugarcane Supply chain is a complex and integrated system of activities. Lately this industry has begun to realize that there is a definitive need to standardize field operations and produce an efficient harvesting sector. The results from such un dertakings can be substantial in terms of increasing out put capacity, quality and decreasing costs, while simulta neously providing steady and constant supply of sugarcane to the mill. However to tackle such a task, means trying to model both stochastic and dynamic events, this is an area where simulation tools play a vital role. It can be shown through use of simulation, that if farmers were to unite to gether and agree to follow a standardized approach to field operations, the South African Sugarcane Supply Chain can operate smoothly and efficiently.

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