Thermo-Consolidation due to a Point Heat Source Buried in a Poroelastic Half Space

J.C.-C. Lu and F.-T. Lin (Taiwan)


Thermo-consolidation, Point Heat Source, Half Space, Golden Ratio


Based on Biot’s three-dimensional consolidation theory of porous media, analytical solutions of the transient thermo consolidation deformation due to a point heat source buried in a saturated isotropic porous elastic half space are presented. Closed-form solutions of the horizontal and vertical displacements of the isothermal pervious ground surface are obtained by using Laplace and Hankel integral transformations. The thermally consolidation affected by the boundary conditions are illustrated and discussed. Numerical results show that the maximum long-term ground surface horizontal displacement is about 30% of the maximum long-term ground surface vertical displacement. The study concludes that the thermal induced horizontal displacement is significant and the maximum long-term ground surface horizontal/vertical displacement is not directly dependent on the buried depth h of the point heat source.

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