Mortality Analysis in Relation with Weather and Air Pollution using the Compound Neural Network Model

J.S. Koo, H. Guesgen, J. Warren, and P. Riddle (New Zealand)


Air quality, Compound neural network, Inter-attribute relations, Mortality analysis, Simulation


Despite extensive research of the meteorological effects on air pollution trends and pollutant effects on public health, there has been no attempt to combine both meteorological factors and pollutant factors to estimate the levels of risk to human health. This is not simply a matter of the number of the predictors but also the complexity of their interdependencies. To model this complex multivariate, double layered relationship, a compound neural network has been developed to model multivariate relationships. Experiments have been conducted, performance and stability have been compared to conventional Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Networks (MLPNN). The results are discussed.

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