3D Flow and Sediment Transport Modeling in Curved Channels

M.A. Mekonnen and B. Dargahi (Sweden)


Modeling, 3D hydrodynamic model, 2D bed load transport model, ECOMSED, and curved channel


A 3D hydrodynamic model coupled with a 2D bed load transport model is used to predict flow and sediment transport in a curved channel. The 3D hydrodynamic model is part of ECOMSED (open source code). ECOMSED has a long history of successful applications to oceanic, coastal, and estuarine waters. However, curved channel applications of the code are scarce. Improvements in the advection scheme of momentum and turbulence, and shear stress partitioning were necessary to reproduce realistic and comparable results in a curved channel. To account for the dynamics of the mobile bed boundary, a model for the bed load transport was included in the code. The model reproduced measured secondary currents, bed shear stress distribution, and erosion-deposition patterns on a curved channel.

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