Simulation of 3D Flow in a Fish-Bone-Type Fishway

W.-Y. Chang, L.-C. Lee, H.-C. Lien, F.-P. Lin, W.-F. Tsai, J.-S. Lai, and Y.-C. Tan (Taiwan)


Two-phase flow, modelling, surface capturing method and fishway


A 3D two-phase flow numerical model based on the large eddy simulation is developed to deal with the free surface problems by using the surface capturing method. This numerical model is employed for simulations of 3D flow fields in a fish-bone-type fishway. The specific flow patterns induced by fish-bone-type obstructions at the bottom of the channel is illustrated. For assessment of fishway suitability, comparisons of flow fields at different swimming speeds of fishes are made to investigate the potential influences of the flow fields on the migration behaviors of fishes.

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