Measurement and Simulation of Turbidity Current in the Tsengwen Reservoir

J.-S. Lai, F.-Z. Lee, Y.-C. Tan, L.-C. Lee, W.-Y. Chang, H.-C. Lien, and C.-H. Wu (Taiwan)


measurement system, CFD


In this study, the measurement system of sediment concentration was installed along the slope of the intake structure in the Tsengwen reservoir, Taiwan. The measured vertical distribution of sediment concentration showed the evidence of turbidity current traveling from upstream of the reservoir to the dam site. A CFD (computational fluid dynamics) model is employed for the simulation of the 2D vertical flow field and concentration distribution. The measured results in the Haitang typhoon (2005) were compared with measured data. It is found that the maximum sediment concentration near the dam site is closed to half of inflow concentration, and the tendency of simulated result is similar to field measurements. The measurement system and the CFD modeling can provide the information for desiltation operations in the reservoir.

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