Cascade or Domino Effects in Flood Impact Analysis in GIS

. Sivertun and V. Vaghani (Sweden)


GIS, flood, risk, Cascade and Domino effects.


Floods are common natural occurring disaster in most parts of the world. It results into damage of human life and environment but not seldom are the side effects of flooding causing more damages than the flood itself. To investigate such Cascade or Domino effects we have tested the possibility to merge and analyze such effects on built up areas, on land fills and polluted soils and on transports, roads and other infrastructure The article ana lyze impact of flood along the demarcated risk areas of Lakes Roxen and Glan when they are flooded and how to use this information during flood emergency in GIS, thus providing spatial information for assessment of flood vul nerability. Thus to show GIS is an effective tool for de veloping flood emergency response as a part of disaster preparedness for decision makers and analyze the risk for Cascade or Domino effects.

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