Modeling Nitrogen and Water Dynamics in Rice-Wheat Rotations

Q. Jing (PRC), H. Hengsdijk, and H. van Keulen (The Netherlands)


Simulation, Crop, Soil, Organic matter, Denitrification


An important feature of rice wheat (RW) rotations is the conversion of the soil from aerobic to anaerobic conditions and vice versa, which stimulates N emission ((de)nitrification) especially under current high N application rates. A RW simulation model is needed describing the relevant soil processes under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions. In this study a RW rotation model (RIWER) is developed integrating existing crop, water and soil organic matter models that are adapted to perform both under aerobic and anaerobic soil conditions. RIWER simulates total biomass, N uptake, and soil inorganic N content well.

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