Towards Real-Time Feature Level Spatial Data Sharing based on Geospatial Semantic Web Services

C. Zhang (USA)


GIS, Data and Web Mining, Internet GIS, Geospatial Semantic Web Services


The use of GIS for disaster management can readily fail due to the unavailability of spatial data in real-time. Although Internet GIS provides proprietary ways to allow users to quickly access, display and query spatial data over the web, the heterogeneity of existing GIS and the file-level data sharing systems over the web causes problems for time-critical disaster management that need real-time data access to the most up-to-date information. This paper proposed a framework of real-time spatial data sharing at feature level by using geospatial semantic web services. The results from an implemented prototype show that the approach has great potential towards data sharing in real time over the web for disaster management applications. However, several challenges of the approach illustrate that we still seem far away from the ideal of seamless access to geospatial information and services for effective disaster management.

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