Quasi-Periodic and Subharmonic Analysis of a Spherical Aerodynamic Bearing System

C.-C. Wang, M.-J. Jang, and Y.-L. Yeh (Taiwan)


Differential transformation method, Spherical aerodynamic bearing, Reynolds’ equation.


This paper employs a hybrid numerical method combining the differential transformation method and the finite difference method to study the nonlinear dynamic behavior of a flexible rotor supported by a spherical aerodynamic journal bearing system. The analytical results reveal a complex dynamic behavior comprising periodic, sub-harmonic, and quasi-periodic responses of the rotor center and the journal center. Furthermore, the results reveal the changes which take place in the dynamic behavior of the bearing system as the rotor mass and rotational velocity are increased. The proposed method provides an effective means of gaining insights into the nonlinear dynamics of spherical gas film rotor bearing systems.

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