A Fuzzy IRFOC Application in Speed Sensorless Control of IM Supplied from an Ameliorate Inverter

K. Abed, K. Nabti, and H. Benalla (Algeria)


IRFOC, sensorless control, induction machine (IM), ameliorate three level voltage inverter, PWM, Fuzzy-PI (F-PI) controller, Simulink.


In this paper, a novel Fuzzy controller of an Indirect Rotor Field Oriented Control (IRFOC) for an induction machine (IM)drive for high performance supplied from an ameliorate voltage inverter is proposed. A superiority of the proposed fuzzy controller over conventional PI controller in handling nonlinear such as an induction motor has been effectively demonstrated by comparing F-PI speed controller with the conventional PI under varying operating conditions like step change in speed reference and torque reference.

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