Modeling Infrastructure Interdependency among Floodplain Infrastructures with Extended Petri-Net

S. Sultana and Z. Chen (Canada)


Infrastructure, interdependency, reachability graph, transition probability, Markov Chain


Safety assessment of the infrastructures in a network can be predicted using the extended Petri-Net analysis. The analysis has been applied to a system of floodplain infrastructures consisting of power generating infrastructures, e.g., water storage concrete gravity dam, penstock, power plant and transformer substation. The dam overflow event is deterministic in the network which consequently impacts the operating conditions of the other interdependent infrastructures. The reachability graph has been constructed to generate transition probabilities of different states with which the Markov Chain is developed to find the steady state probability. The obtained results are convincing showing that the shutdown of the infrastructures mostly stems from floodwater exposure.

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