A Fuzzy Air Pollution Dispersion Model

H. Fakhraee, M. Saeedi, and M.R. Sadrabadi (Iran)


Air pollution dispersion, fuzzy rule base, atmospheric stability classes 1-


Many air dispersion models have been developed to calculate concentration of pollutants in different distances from the emission source. These models have different precisions subject to some errors relating to discrete stability classes which would affect the lateral and vertical dispersion coefficient calculations. In order to reduce these errors in the present investigation, a fuzzy rule based pollution dispersion model is developed. Structure of the proposed fuzzy model is based upon established mathematical equations in the literature. The fuzzy model, however, resolves the resultant problems of the mutation between piecewise stability classes, dispersion coefficients, as well as mathematical equations by considering fuzzy constraints instead of crisp ones. Efficiency of the proposed model is represented via a real numerical example and comparison of the results with other existing models.

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