SIMO System Identification for GE T700 Turboshaft Engine used in Helicopters

K.F. Ozen and C. Özsoy (Turkey)


System identification, state space models, reduced order models, recursive estimation, nonlinear systems, modelling.


Non-linear turbine engine simulations are too complex in structure to apply different control strategies on them. In this paper, a simplified open loop dynamic model is proposed for the GE T700 turbo shaft engine. The local linear models are identified using SIMO system identification model. Then a simplified state-space model is developed for the GE T700 turbo shaft engine in order to achieve a base for applying different control techniques. For further simplicity, a reduced order system identification model is also developed. The validation of these models are carried out by using standard error of estimation technique that makes use of the difference between the predicted model output and the simulation output.

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