Human Vibration Monitoring in Large Haul Trucks - An Artificial Neural Network Approach

M. Gupta, J. Szymanski, A. Sharma, and R.K. Soni (Canada)


Whole Body Vibration, Strut Pressure, ANN, Haul Truck


The Canadian Oil sands industry in Northern Alberta has been operating ultra size haulers to optimize the mining process. The ground on which these heavy haulers run can behave as hard as competent sandstone in winters and as soft as weak clay in summers. This changing behaviour of the ground conditions has large impacts on not only the structural components of the truck but the health of the truck operator as well, as the operator is exposed to large whole body vibrations (WBV) while driving in the soft conditions. This paper is an endeavour to incorporate the knowledge of artificial neural network in quantifying the body vibrations occurring during haul truck driving. The study will help in exposing the truck operator within the stipulated ISO vibrations level and also improving life of truck frame.

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