Neural Networks to Identify the Out-of-Control Variables When a MEWMA Chart is Employed

F. Aparisi, J. Sanz (Spain), and G. Avendaño (Columbia)


Multivariate quality control, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Computer Applications.


Multivariate quality control charts show some advantages to monitor several variables in comparison with the simultaneous use of univariate charts. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages when multivariate schemes are employed. The main problem is how to interpret the out of-control signal of a multivariate chart. For example, in the case of control charts designed to monitor the mean vector, the chart signals showing that it must be accepted that there is a shift in the vector, but no indication is given about the variables that have produced this shift. The MEWMA quality control chart is a very powerful scheme to detect small shifts in the mean vector. There are no previous specific works about the interpretation of the out-of-control signal of this chart. In this paper neural networks are designed to interpret the out-of-control signal of the MEWMA chart, and the percentage of correct classifications is studied for different cases. The utilization of this neural network in the industry is very easy, thanks to the developed software.

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