CONFTERMAL An Easy Way to Simulate the Human Thermal Comfort

C.P. Leão and S.F.C.F. Teixeira (Portugal)


Modelling and Simulation of Thermal Comfort, Usability, and Learning tools.


The developments of a learning tool for under and post graduate studies is described from the concept to its implementation. The thermal human comfort perception is mainly affected by heat and mass balance transfer between the human body and its environment. The mathematical model used estimates the full time dependent temperature distribution in several body parts. It has been incorporated into a computer interface in order to facilitate the use of the mathematical model. Due to its simplicity, the empirical thermal comfort index (PMV), normally used to predict the thermal comfort, was also considered. Usability tests were performed during and after developments in order to improve the interface software. Several results are presented and discussed in a pedagogical point of view.

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