Experimental Comparison of Different Diagnosis Algorithms in the BIST Environment

R. Ubar, S. Kostin, J. Raik, and M. Kruus (Estonia)


Built-in self-test, stuck-at faults, fault simulation, fault diagnosis, binary search, diagnostic resolution.


In this paper a study about fault diagnosing procedures in a Built-in Self-Test environment is presented. A new algorithm is proposed based on bisection strategy. Instead of bisection of patterns in test sequences as a known approach, in the proposed bisection procedure the diagnostic information inherent in test patterns is taken into account. Opposite to the classical approach which targets all failing patterns, in the proposed method not all failing patterns are necessarily needed to be fixed for diagnosis. This feature allows tradeoff between time cost and diagnostic resolution. A possibility is shown to improve the diagnostic resolution by using multiple signature analyzers. The proposed method is compared with three known fault diagnosis methods: classical Binary Search, Doubling and Jumping. Experimental results demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency of the approach.

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