A Software Tool for the Simulation of a Cardiac Cell

R. Roche, R. Lamanna, M. Delgado, F. Rocaries (Venezuela), Y. Hamam, and F. Pecker (France)


Cardiac simulation, Cardiac cell, E-C coupling, Calcium dynamics, Cellular simulation.


A simulator of the cardiac cell (E-C coupling process) is developed which solves the electro-chemical model of the cell proposed by Roche et al. [1]. It also contains the models by Tang and Othmer [2], Luo and Rudy [3] and Fox [4], for comparison purposes. The simulator allows modifications of the model parameters in correspondence with the different cellular elements, to emulate cells of different species or cells under different conditions. Hence it can be used for testing the sensibility of the E-C process to drugs and inhibitors and is intended as a research tool in experiment design and cardiac pathology treatment.

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