The Import Market Forecasting Model of Substitute Energy Vehicle with BPN and GM(1,1)

S.-W. Hsiao and F.-Y. Chiu (Taiwan)


Neural Networks, Forecasting Model, Gray System, Analytic Hierarchy Process.


Entering into a high energy consumption era, people start taking notice of the substitute energy vehicle. In this article, two import market forecasting models, BPN and GM (1, 1) for the growth of substitute energy vehicle in Taiwan are proposed. The four parameters used in the forecasting models include: the quantity of new registered passenger car, petrol prices, sales volume of domestics cars, and EUR to TWD exchange rate. The results show that these two models are applicable to the case, and the BPN model is suggested for the case with sufficient historical data, while the GM (1, 1) model is suggested for the case with insufficient historical data. The results will provide the automobile Factory with an effective consultation on matters pertaining to procurement and business operations.

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