A Multivariate Linear Regression Model for the Jordanian Industrial Electric Energy Consumption

A. Al-Ghandoor, Y.A Nahleh, Y. Sandouqa, and M. Al-Salaymeh (Jordan)


Multivariate, regression, electricity, industrial, and Jordan


The consumption of electricity by the Jordanian industrial sector is an important driver for determining future country energy needs. An empirical model is developed for the Jordanian industrial sector electricity consumption based on multivariate linear regression to identify the main drivers of electricity consumption. It has been found that industrial gross output and capacity utilization are the most important variables that affect the electricity consumption. The results show that the multivariate linear regression model can be used to adequately model the Jordanian industrial electricity consumption with coefficient of determination (R2) and adjusted R2 values of 99.3 and 99.2%, respectively.

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