Heat Flow Simulation through the Window Together with the Wall in Which it is Fitted In

I. Moga and L. Moga (Romania)


Energy economics, mathematical modelling, simulation, numerical methods, indentification of geometrical shape, dynamic modelling, expert systems.


The paper presents the calculus program expert kind “WINDOW-WALL” for the modelling and simulation of the thermal transfer through structures with complex formation for the heat flow and thermal resistance, for windows made off wood, PVC, metal, aluminum. The program also takes into account the interaction between the window and the wall where is fitted in. This expert system of analysis for windows and doors permits the analyze for various constructional solutions. The purpose is the optimization of its structures for a better energy economics. The numerical calculus and results are presented for the homologation of the calculus program “RAMA”/” FRAMEWORK” made in accordance to the methodology from ISO 10077/2:2003 [4] for examples from the figure D 10 and D 1, annex F. The methodology belonging to the norm refers to the calculus of the thermal transmission coefficients and to the adiabatic conditions at the contact between the window framework and the wall in which it is fitted.

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