Modeling and Simulation of Web Winding System of a Reversible Rolling Mill

R. Nabila and B. Bahloul (Morocco)


Reversible mill, web winding system, web tension, web velocity, winding-unwinding.


This work treats the modelling and the simulation of the nonlinear dynamic behaviour of a web winding process during traction and by consideration the variations of the radius and inertia rollers. We designate by a winding process any system applying the cycles of unwinding, transport, treatment and winding to various flat products. This system knows several constraints such as the thermal effects caused by the frictions, and the mechanical effects provoked by metal elongation, that generates dysfunctions due to the influence of the process conditions. Our study is relative to the modelling and the identification of the parameters of a web winding system of a reversible mill. Modelling is based on the general laws of physics laws using the strip elasticity, frictions between strip and rolls, and the flow of strip between two rolls. Our goal is the determination of the web tension in movement and the web velocity in order to synthesize the coupling between variables. Because of the important variation of the radius and inertia of the rolls, the system dynamics change considerably during the winding/unwinding process. Thus, the stability and performances of system are studied on different range of radius variation. The modelling conditions are specified and a mathematical model is presented. Numerical results are exposed and discussed.

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