Dynamic Behaviour Simulation of Electromagnetic Actuators using a New Method based on Co-Energy Maps

M.d.R.A. Calado, A.E.V. Esprito-Santo, and C.M.P. Cabrita (Portugal)


Electromagnetic actuator, dynamic behaviour, numerical method, co-energy maps


Analytical complexity of an electromagnetic actuator grows with its geometrical complexity and control strategy. Thus, dynamic simulation normally made by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software demands for high computation capabilities. This paper proposes a new method for dynamic behaviour simulation that uses Finite Element Method (FEM) software only at its early stage, to obtain the co-energy map for devices concerning static positions for different excitation currents. From the knowledge of co-energy map, inductance and force maps are derived. The main contribution of this paper is the new proposed model that allows the knowledge of dynamic behaviour of electromagnetic actuators. The proposed method has been applied successfully to a chosen case study simulation model and results are here presented and compared with the ones obtained from the FEM tool analysis. The small computation effort demand, required by the proposed analysis method, makes possible that complex control methodologies can be developed and tested.

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