Determination of Available Transfer Capability Considering Real-Time Weather Conditions

H. Shim, D.-M. Kim, and J.-O Kim (Korea)


Available Transfer Capability (ATC), Total Transfer Capability (TTC), Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), Weather Effect


In order to estimate Available Transfer Capability (ATC), Total Transfer Capability (TTC) should be beforehand determined. Typically, the TTC is determined considering three terms; thermal, voltage and stability limits. Considering the transmission line length of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) system, Thermal Limits is given a great deal of weight on the evaluation of TTC. Therefore, this paper presents a new approach to evaluate the TTC using the Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) for the thermal limit. Since the approach includes not only traditional electrical constraints but also real-time environmental constraints, from economical point of view, this paper could obtain more exact and useful results. T hrough the case study using KEPCO system, it is confirmed that the proposed method can be used for real time operation and the planning of electricity market.

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