Design and Optimization of 8MW Directly Driven Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Wind Generators

W. Shanming (PRC) and U. Schaefer (Germany)


Wind generator, permanent magnet, directly driven, design and optimization


Recently more and more attentions have paid to the directly driven permanent magnet wind generators, and the capacity of wind generator becomes larger and larger. It is reasonable to believe that the next step would reach more than 8 MW, especially for an offshore turbine. In order to decide whether or not the directly driven permanent magnet wind generator is suitable for the new wind turbine system, the 8MW directly driven surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous wind generator is designed in this paper. And the detail design procedure is introduced. In order to optimize the performance, volume and weight, the EMF, armature reaction reactance, and different parts of leakage reactance are analyzed and the optimization method is obtained. At last the design results of 8MW generator are given.

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