Experimental Performance Analysis for Mini Parabolic Solar Reflecting Collectors

G. Barakos, S. Kaplanis, and A. Spyrogiannoulas (Greece)


Concentrating systems, parabolic reflector, collector thermal performance.


Mini – Parabolic solar reflecting collectors have been one of the main research topics due to their ability for possible integration into the building structure. A detailed experimental analysis of the thermal behavior of such a system suitable for installation on a roof, with tube absorber along to its optical focal lines is presented. The mini-parabolic collector system was placed at East - West orientation, and with an inclination of the parabola, so that the sun vector keeps at normal during a day. The fluid inlet and outlet temperatures in the absorber, the total solar radiation incident on the aperture surface, the ambient temperature and the fluid flow measurements were managed using a data logging system. The paper presents an experiment analysis of the results with a set of tube absorber diameters and fluid flows.

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