The Effect of Mixing Ratio on Co-Pyrolysis of Lignite and Rapeseed

Ö. Onay, Ç. Usta, and Ö.M. Koçkar (Turkey)


Co-pyrolysis; Bio-oil; Rapeseed; Lignite


The biomass and coal mixtures were subjected to fast pyrolysis process to produce biooil. The biooil yield was in the range of 11.573.1wt%. depending on the percentage of biomass and coal in the mixture. On the other hand, considerable synergetic effects were observed during the copyrolysis in a fixed bed reactor leading to increase in oil yield. Maximum pyrolysis oil yield of 73.1% was obtained with 5wt% of lignite mixed with rapeseed, as compared to the expected ones, calculated as the sum of oil fractions produced by pyrolysis of each separated component. The obtained oils are characterized by FTIR, 1 H NMR, and elemental analysis.

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