Improved Control of a Small-scale Biomass Boiler

B. Sulc, D. Klimanek, and J. Hrdlicka (Czech Republic)


Small biomass boiler, oxygen sensor discredibility detection, incipient faults


Current European Union environmental policy aims at greater utilization of renewable energy sources. However, when operating bioenergetic devices we can face problems caused by a hidden increase in harmful emissions. This increase is caused by a gradual loss of the proper function of the control variable sensor. As will be shown, if the control variable sensor produces biased data, there is a danger that undesirable harmful emissions, above all emissions of CO and NOx, will increase and will remain unrecognized. This paper will show how control enhanced by adding model-based discredibility detection can improve the ecological operation of a device. An experimental Verner biomass boiler equipped with an oxygen sensor is used as a specific example of a technical solution.

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