Practical Analysis and Mathematical Modeling of Harmonic Distortions Caused by Electronic Loads

R.A. Jabbar, S.A. Qureshi, M. Akmal, W.A. Qureshi, and A. Ahmad (Pakistan)


Electronic loads, Power quality, Power factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


Electronic loads draw non-sinusoidal current waveforms which produce undesired frequency contents known as harmonics in power distribution networks. Power Quality of distribution networks is severely affected due to generated harmonics during the operation of non-linear loads. In this paper, practical analysis of the factors influencing power quality has been presented. Experimental work has been carried out to obtain the innovative results in the form of Total Harmonic Distortion in Current (THDI), Total Harmonic Distortion in Voltage (THDV) and Power Factor (PF) caused by a single PC (Personal Computer) and then by increasing number of PC loads one by one. Finally mathematical expressions have been developed for the power quality parameters with different number of computers and tested practically. The results obtained using mathematical expressions have been compared with the practical results and exciting results have been concluded.

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