New Power Quality Indices

Z. Leonowicz (Poland)


Power quality, harmonics, interharmonics, parametric spectral estimation, MUSIC, ESPRIT


The author shows that the use of high-resolution spectrum estimation methods instead of Fourier-based techniques can improve the accuracy of measurement of spectral pa rameters of distorted waveforms encountered in power sys tems, in particular the estimation of the power quality in dices (such as inter/harmonic groups and subgroups). The comparison of the frequency and amplitude estimation er ror, based on numerical simulations is presented. Presen tation of selected power quality indices is then followed by comparison of estimation error in the case of applica tion of FFT-based algorithms and parametric methods. In vestigated waveforms are typical for dc arc furnace plant. MUSIC and ESPRIT high-resolution methods are used to analyze waveforms in a supply system of a DC arc furnace.

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