A Novel Detection and Classification of Ferroresonance Using Wavelet Transform and LVQ Neural Network in Distribution Networks

G. Mokryani, M.R. Haghifam, and J. Esmaeilpoor (Iran)


Ferroresonance, LVQ Neural Network, EMTP program, Wavelet transform


A novel method for Ferroresonance detection presented in this paper. Using this method Ferroresonance can be discriminate from other transients such as capacitor switching, load switching, transformer switching. Wavelet transform is used for decomposition of signals and Learning Vector Quantizer(LVQ) Neural Network used for classification. Ferroresonance data and other transients was obtained by simulation using EMTP program. Using Daubechies wavelet transform signals has been decomposed till six levels. The energy of six detailed signals that obtained by wavelet transform are used for training and trailing LVQ Neural Network. Results show that the proposed procedure is efficient in identifying Ferroresonance from other events.

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