A Computational Approach to Subsidize Consumers Refunding Analysis due to Supply Disturbances and Equipment Damages

C.E. Tavares, M.V.B. Mendona, J.C. de Oliveira, A.C. Delaiba, and R.M.T. da Silva (Brazil)


Equipment damage, repayment, dielectric and thermal stresses, household electronic device, and power quality


This paper is aimed at presenting a computational methodology to assist decisions towards the analysis of the relationship between equipment damage and system disturbances. Such strategy consists on a first orientation to support studies, analysis and reports about the decision of refunding consumers in such a complex subject. The approach is based on a time domain modelling and computational implementation of different devices and power network elements into the ATP program to simulate the power system disturbances and the equipment performance. The main idea consists in establishing comparative terms between dielectric and thermal stresses with the corresponding withstand limits associated to individual equipment. In order to highlight the methodology, a typical TV set submitted to supply disturbances is used as a case study. The dielectric and thermal stresses are related to the occurrence of voltage swells, oscillatory transients and high-frequency impulse related to lightning strikes.

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