Influence of Fault Resistance on the Operation of Relay Protection Before and After the Construction of New Lines

K. Frlan, R. Rubeša, and A. Marušić (Croatia)


relay protection, fault impedance, current distribution


Construction of new lines and restructuring of power system (PS) network is one of the basic ways to increase the safety and availability of network. During each change of configuration of the PS it is necessary to analyse the influence of the configuration change on the safety, stability and availability of the system, as well as the influence on the existing relay protection system. The influence of the network reconfiguration on the operation of relay protection in one part of the PS in which new lines are constructed in order to improve the safety of network will be analysed in this paper. The system is modelled by using the CAPE program for the analysis of the relay protection operation in the PS. Voltage and current values as the consequence of fault will be analysed, as well as the change of impedance measured by relays in the old and new configuration systems.

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