Dynamic Simulations of Electric Power Systems under Long-term Change in System Generations and Loads

T. Inoue (Japan)


Power system, long-term dynamic simulation, slow and fast dynamics, angle stability, active power control, reactive power control


A computer program for dynamic simulations of electric power systems under long-term change in system generations and loads is proposed and at developmental stage in our research institute. The long-term here means the time-span up to one-day. The proposed program is designed to simulate not only slow dynamics but also fast dynamics under specified change in power consumption at each load node and supply from each generator. The slow dynamics implies the long-term change in node voltages, branch flows and system frequency in normal conditions with active power control and reactive power control. The fast dynamics mainly implies the angle stability at system fault conditions. The aim of the program is to support operators in planning system operations and controls. In this paper, features of the program at present time are mentioned and simulation examples are demonstrated.

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