Power System Dynamics During Islanding and Reconnection of Power System of Croatia and BiH to The UCTE

M. Stojsavljević, D. Nemec, Ž. Roksandić, I. Toljan, I. Ivanković, and Š. Radić (Croatia)


power system dynamics, islanding, reconnection, electromechanical oscillations, measurement, simulation


The paper deals with dynamic behaviour of Croatian power system during transients caused by switching off and on of the major tie lines between Croatian (HR) power system and UCTE, as well as during separation of power systems of HR and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from UCTE, their island operation and resynchronisation to the UCTE. These activities were part of the project of arranging phase sequence between HR and UCTE which was undertaken within scope of preparations for the reconnection of 1st and 2nd UCTE synchronous zones. Electromechanical transients of HR and BiH power systems are illustrated by measurement and simulation results. System dynamics during separation, islanding and resynchronisation of power systems of Croatia and BiH to the UCTE system was of special interest. In general, good agreement between measurement and simulation has been achieved but the simulation results are still rather conservative, indicating that the power system dynamic model need to be further improved. Organisation scheme of system-wide measuring and recording of representative quantities in the Croatian power system is also briefly outlined. It is shown that the Croatian and Slovenian power systems are crucial links in the transmission corridor from northeast to southwest part of UCTE.

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