Power Balancing Control with Large Scale Wind Power Integration in Denmark

A. Suwannarat, B. Bak-Jensen, Z. Chen, H. Nielsen, J. Hjerrild, P. Sørensen, and A.D. Hansen (Denmark)


Automatic Generation Control, Power Balancing, Secondary Control, and Wind Power Generation


The Danish power system starts to face problems of integrating thousands megawatts of wind power, which produce in a stochastic behavior due to natural wind fluctuations. With wind power capacities increasing, the Danish Transmission System Operator (TSO) is faced with new challenges related to the uncertain nature of wind power. In this paper, the control strategies of generations and control system are presented which analyze the deviation of power exchange at the western Danish-German border, taking into account the fluctuating nature of wind power. The performance of the secondary control of the power generating units and the regulating power control from the other sources to achieve active power balance with the increased wind power penetration is presented.

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