A Novel Approach to Electricity Market Education

R. Karjalainen, S. Viljainen, and J. Partanen (Finland)


Power Engineering, Education, Electricity Market, Power Exchange


This paper presents a novel approach to power engineering education, the basic idea of the new approach is provide the power engineering students at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) with skills that are required in today’s open power markets. These include, in addition to the basic power engineering skills, understanding issues such as risk management, financing, and sales and marketing. The approach consists of developing both the theoretical and practical teaching methods that are applied in power engineering education at LUT. The practical learning methods in particular have played a significant role as a so called Power Exchange Game has been developed. The game construction is based on the operation of the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool. The game enables the students to apply their theoretical knowledge about open electricity markets in practice. During the game the student teams act as portfolio managers of the electricity retail companies and they need to analyze and make decisions related to the operation in the Nordic electricity market. Students are expected to keep learning diaries during the game and analyze their own performance in a final report after finishing the game. In course’s feedback, most of the students considered the course a very interesting and effective way to study electricity market operations.

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