Management of Electricity Markets in European Union

A. Zamfir and M.S. Florescu (Romania)


Management of electricity markets, energy policy, energy mix, integrated electricity markets, competitiveness.


The paper presents the main objectives of Europe’s energy policy, the general measures necessary to complete the internal gas and electricity markets and the concrete measures to ensure that European Union’s internal energy market guarantees security of supply and solidarity between Member States. There are also presented the guiding principles that the approach to information management and market transparency should be based on. To ensure that all Europeans enjoy access to energy at reasonable prices we think that is necessary to establish integrated and competitive electricity and gas markets, promote efficient energy services and diversify the energy mix. We propose some measures that should be taken in order to achieve the goal of a genuine single market at European Union level, actions to stimulate investments in infrastructure and generation capacity and measures to prevent energy supply crises and to manage energy supply crises if they do occur. Further, we analyse the Romanian power market evolution since 2000 taking into consideration the fact that the strategic objective of the Romanian Government is to assume the role of Regional Exchange in the South-East European region.

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