An Efficient Distance Relay Setting Strategy

M. Gilany and A. Al-Kandari (Kuwait)


Distance relays, setting problems, pilot protection.


In this paper, a new strategy for distance relay setting is introduced. The determination of fault zone by the proposed setting strategy (denoted P-SS) is based on data shared locally with other distance relays at the same station, and based also on a command from the distance relay on the other end of the protected line using any existing tele-protection system. With the proposed strategy, zone-1 covers the entire length of the protected line zone-2 covers the entire length of any next line irrespective of its length and zone-3 covers the entire length of any line next to zone-2. The governing rules for the proposed strategy are presented. The strategy is examined against setting problems of a real part of a HV network with real relay settings. The results confirm that the P-SS achieves the required accurate, sensitive and selective relay operation.

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