Numerical Investigation into the Performance PEMFC with a Wave-Like Gas Flow Channel Design

S.-M. Chang and J.-K. Kuo (Taiwan)


PEMFC; Numerical simulations; Wave-like gas flow channel


This paper investigates the performance of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) with a novel wave-like gas flow channel. Numerical simulations are performed to investigate the effect of the wave-like channel profile on the gas flow characteristics, temperature distribution, electrochemical reaction efficiency, and electrical performance. The simulation results show that compared to a conventional straight gas flow channel, the wave-like channel increases the fuel flow velocity, enhances the transport through the porous layer, and improves the temperature distribution. As a result, the PEMFC has an improved fuel utilization efficiency and superior heat transfer characteristics. Furthermore, the results show that the wave-like gas flow channel yields a higher PEMFC output voltage and improves the maximum power density by approximately 32.5%.

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